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Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are all going through a unique set of circumstances that none of us or our recent ancestors have ever experienced.  It is something none us caused and we cannot fix the problem alone.

This situation affects not only our health but our interactions with our family, friends, acquaintances, jobs and plans for the future.  We feel confident when we have reasonable control over what happens in our lives.  As our ability to control this situation by ourselves is not an option, anxiety and stress around the world is extremely high.  If you are anxious and somewhat angry you are not alone!

You can benefit from talking to someone about what you are feeling and how this situation affects you as an individual.  Call your family members regularly. Contact your friends and acquaintances by phone. Just as it makes you feel better to talk to them, they need to talk as well.  In this way you can bring comfort to each other and reduce the anxiety level on both sides.

If you do not have anyone you trust sharing your thoughts and feelings with, contact us.  Your conversations are kept in confidence and this is a safe place to share.

Even though you do no know how you will manage this situation, you will get through this.  Life may be different, but you can make adjustments as necessary and go forward.  Best wishes to you and yours.